About Quicksilver Plus-Series Engines

About Quicksilver Plus-Series Engines


The PLUS-SERIES ENGINES from QUICKSILVER ARE 100% NEW construction and contain all the parts a crate engine lacks.
These are drop-in-ready NEW Marine Engines. based on Mercruiser and Mercury Remanufacturing models; these are 100% NEW engines that are built with marine-grade engine internals and other NEW marine components. QUICKSILVER PLUS-SERIES engines are 100% NEW factory engines for repowering boats built before 2008 in California and before 2010 for the other 49-states. Because these are completely new engines and not a major repair assembly, the old engine being replaced MUST be returned per EPA Regulation# 1068.240.

Since the focus of PLUS-SERIES ENGINES is repower, many parts included in new Mercruiser engines used for new boat construction are not included. Parts such as: transoms, Trim Pumps, Y-Pipes, Rigging, Props, Boat Harnesses, Riser Kits, Closed Cooling kits, Steering Cylinders, Lubes and other parts required for a successful repower must be all purchased separately.

Adapting Plus-series engines to specific applications may require some parts to be transferred from the engines coming out of the boat or purchased separately.  Examples include:

  • Transfer of flywheel housings, couplers and other hardware to adapt too various makes of drives and transoms
  • Changing engine couplers to match specific transmissions, or customers preferences.
  • Changing engine mounts from front to side, or using solid engine mounts.
  • Use of various Quicksilver kits to meet customer preferences or the specific installation requirements found in the Repower Reference Manual included with the engine.

Repower. The why, when, how.

First off, you want to keep your boat. And why not? You love it. And it’s rigged just how you want it. Now on to the engine. Maybe it has lost a little of its power over the years. A little bit of its throttle. That happens. But guess what? You can get it back. All of it. Back to the original specs, the original performance, the original thrills. Maybe even with a few engineering upgrades. That’s how good QUICKSILVER is. Your boat. Your engine. Back to the way it was. Or better. And for a fraction of the cost of a new boat.

Engine? Check. Ready for takeoff!

Fully Inspected – 100% inspection before shipment: – Hot tested – Pressure checked – Compression checked – UV light and dye leak check

Think of it as a full organ transplant

Think you’ll just be getting an old engine that’s simply checked over and repainted?  Well think again!  We replace just about everything.  Pistons, connecting rods, camshafts, oil pump, water pump, valves and springs, oil pump, and head gaskets, are all new.  And that’s not even the full list.

Now let’s get that old beauty back in shape



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