About Mercury Remanufacturing Plus-Series Engines


The PLUS‑SERIES engine line from Mercury Remanufacturing is made up of unique engines that offer value performance for your next repower. Based on our popular MerCruiser products, these are fully remanufactured engines that are fitted with marine‑grade performance valve train, pistons, induction system and (in some cases) marine headers to deliver factory reliability at an affordable price. Each PLUS‑SERIES engine is “Hot Tested” by supplying fuel and coolant so technicians can perform a series of live‑running tests for quality assurance. All PLUS‑SERIES engines are completely remanufactured and include exhaust manifolds, fuel, electrical and ignition systems so they are ready to rig into a boat. PLUS‑SERIES engines from Mercury Remanufacturing come with a One‑Year Factory Limited Warranty. Adapting Plus Series engines to specific applications may require some parts to be transferred from the engines coming out of the boat or purchased separately. Examples include:

• Transfer of flywheel housings, couplers, and other hardware to adapt to various makes of drives and transoms.
• Changing engine couplers to match specific transmissions, or customer preferences.
• Changing engine mounts from front to side, or using solid engine mounts.
• Use of various Quicksilver kits to meet customer preferences or the specified installation requirements found in the Repower Reference Manual included with the engine.


• To avoid the expense of a fully‑dressed complete engine, the following items (if in good condition) need to be transferred from the original engine over to the replacement engine: exhaust manifolds, risers, starter motor, alternator, pulleys hoses and belts.
• Installing a partially dressed engine into a 1981 or earlier application would not be recommended. Due to the shift bracket that contains a reverse lock mechanism, it would be extremely difficult and expensive to accomplish this upgrade.



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